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Posted on: 30th April 2015

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Reviewed 1 week ago
Booked through Groupon for a week Lovely accommodation with everything you need inside your lodge. Great sea view and beautiful scenery and waking up to the nature sounds. I’ve recharged my batteries after this week. Highly recommended. Will visit here again.
John G


Posted on: 23rd April 2015

Pizza SliceSlice of the West – The Woodfired Pizza co.

Joining us from Friday 22nd May

5pm – 8pm

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Friday Night Pizza at Trewince.  Pop up and place your order. Have a swim, sauna & jacuzzi whilst your pizza is being freshly prepared & cooked in a woodfired oven.  Emerge feeling refreshed, order a glass of wine, local cider or beer or a ‘Cornish Gold’ coffee, then sit down and enjoy!!