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We found a fragment of a bottle

This bottle was an exciting discovery made some years ago during work on the Cottage. The words say: “S Johns Trewince 1768”. Stephen Johns was in residence at Trewince at that time and this sturdy bottle would have been personalised for him.

Did a bit of research on old wine bottles and found the bottle blow was for sale on – the similarities are remarkable. Fancy starting a collection? I have a certain interest in such matters due to the fact that my mother’s family owned a Mineral Water and Beer bottling business. I remember her telling me that she knew where dozens (hundred’s?) of old bottles, including old ‘pop’ bottles with a marble in the neck, had been buried. No – I’m not telling where….

By the way: this “Rare English 18th century sealed onion / mallet bottle John & Mary Spurrel 1734 ” sold last week on Ebay for £420!!!

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