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Ice-skating at Eden

Ice-skating at Eden until at least 26th February. Perfect for half-term holidays. Check it out!

“Our magical ice rink is back with a new stunning glacial theme. In addition to our general skating sessions, there are special sessions for all ages and abilities, so come on down and get your skates on!”

Ice skating on the ice rink at the Eden Project

Of course, there’s lots to see and do all the year round.

Top 10 things to do with kids:

  1. Explore the largest indoor rainforest in the world.
  2. Enjoy the imaginative children’s play areas.
  3. Follow exciting trails around the site, with shortcuts, hideaways, stepping stones and sandpits.
  4. Get involved in special events for kids, including den building in the summer, ice skating in the winter, and rock climbing at certain times during the year.
  5. Marvel at the massive futuristic Biomes and sculptures.
  6. Listen to fascinating stories about weird and wonderful plants
  7. Interact with exhibits such as the Seed, Plant Engine & Nutcracker.
  8. Learn about the amazing things plants do.
  9. Feast on the delicious children’s food in the cafes.
  10. Get some great toys, games, gadgets and books in the shop.

Trewince Avenue Elms

Trewince Avenue before Dutch Elm disease destroyed the trees. This road is the one leading from the village up to our gates. The photo comes from Arthur Mee (Children’s Encyclopædia, I believe, but unable to verify). Date, anyone?

Below is another photo of Trewince Avenue. When we first arrived at Trewince in January 1985 one of the first things I experienced was skidding on the ice and crashing the car into one of the elm tree trunks buried in the hedgerow. It had been our son’s first day at the Roseland School and we had been misinformed about the time of the school bus, making it necessary to drive him to Tregony. At the time my husband was still working in London and was using our Morris Minor that week, so I had to explain to him that I had dented the company Volvo! In fact, I only just managed to drive it to my new home.

The Elm trees have been replaced by Sycamores planted at the sides of the road (actually on the edges of Trewince Farm fields.) Time will tell whether the appearance of the Avenue will be restored but it’s hard to imagine that it will ever look like this again.

Henderson Calendars

Amazing historical facts!

In my research on Trewince I discovered that records go back to at least the early sixteenth century. The Henderson Calendars, dating from 1919-20, which can be examined at the Royal Institution of Cornwall, are Cornish manuscripts, handwritten, of transcripts or abstracts of a number of unpublished records of all periods regarding west Cornwall, collected by historian Ch…arles Henderson. Quoting from Book 3 page 165: “Star Chamber Edward VI (1537-53) Vol VI no. 24 Stephen Craier seized the manors of —– and —– and a tenement called Trewince in the parish of Gerrans.” Book 4 page 119 “1563 Alice Reskymer made wioll left to the heirs of her body………a mes called Trewins in Cherens (Gerrans). Alice R when she died she was “seized of the manors of Trewins”.

Our own personal involvement with Trewince came much later – in October 1984, when we visited it after seeing it advertised in Dalton’s weekly. We ended up buying it, together with the Kendalls – it seems such a long time ago. By Jan 1985 we had sold our house in Hertfordshire and moved to Cornwall. What a time that was – ice, snow, frozen pipes and the worst winter Cornwall had seen for years. There was no heating in the place and we had to wrap up well, inside and out. We’d been told you could leave your geraniums out all winter in Cornwall. We were misinformed!

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