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Happy St Pirans Day!

Posted on: 5th March 2016

Gool Peran Lowen! (Happy St Pirans Day!)

St Piran's Play, Perranporth, Cornwall

St Piran’s Day is the national day of Cornwall held on 5 March every year.  The day is named after one of the patron saints of Cornwall, Saint Piran, who is also the patron saint of tin miners. The modern observance of St Piran’s day as a national symbol of the people of Cornwall started in the late 19th and early 20th century when celtic revivalists sought to provide the people of Cornwall with a national day similar to those observed in other nations. Since the 1950s, the celebration has become increasingly observed and since the start of the 21st century almost every Cornish community holds some sort of celebration to mark the event.

Related imageThe flag of St Piran is the Cornish flag – white cross on a black background.  To symbolise the discovery of tin by the saint as the white metal flowed from the black rock.