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Awfulness in the Undergrowth

When we bought Trewince in 1985 there were 16 chalets on the site and our first job was to update them. No verandahs or balconies in those days – but sitting outside was still a pleasure on a sunny day.

I think the scene outside the chalet shows a painting class with Jim, our ‘artist in residence’. He painted the enormous pictures of galleons in the Fal which hung on the staircase in the manor house.

One visitor in 1990 left us some hand crafted wooden flowers and a poem ‘wot he wrote’. I think things are a bit better these days!

Awfulness in the undergrowth

I don’t get nettled very much
But here I often do
My doorstep’s stingers, weeds and such
Where is your gardening crew?

Oh yes, I know he’s cut the grass
But not taken it away,
Each time into my ‘hut’ I pass
I fill the place with hay.

Up market soon, log cabins eh!
They won’t cost half a crown,
For new splendour I’ve had to pay
While the old hut’s falling down.

Leave the cabin as you would wish to find
What can I do you fools
I don’t quite know what’s on your mind
I haven’t brought ‘me’ tools.

The floors aslant. The doors don’t fit
It is moving by the hour.
The toilet has no lid to it
You pull and get a shower.

Oh dash, I think I’ve said too much
For extras I must pay
A shower and orthopaedic bed
A health farm, you will say.

The doorstep moves, I think you’ll find
You’re trying to break my neck.
I came on holiday to unwind
And return a physical wreck.

Take all this all with a pinch of salt
I’m really having fun
To be too critical is a fault
Forget, scenery, walks and sun.

Both self and dog had a very good time
We lazed and walked for hours.
Really everything just suited us fine
And I’ve left a “vawse of flowers.

J. Notoften Back

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